Friday, July 04, 2008

What's Going On

Alright alright, for those of you who found out and thought my husband and I were moving to Taiwan this August I am happy to announce that we are NO LONGER moving this year. We might sometime in the future but I am guessing not within 5 years.

Sorry for the confusion people. I was a little shock myself after talking to my husband, but what can you do about it. I am glad that he really enjoyed his trip there this March. I am even happier about my family loving him!

So here we are again, some new prints will come out very soon! I applied for the Renegade again this year! Hopefully I will get in. Then I can see all you great people out there in Chicago with my new stuff!

This piece is called Sheepy Love :) Does it reminds you of you and your loved one? You can get it here.

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Leanne Hilgart said...

I absolutely love this piece, it reminds me of the lovey sheep I met at the Farm Sanctuary in NY, as I mentioned in the rain at Renegade when we met! :)

Would love to talk to you soon about future projects together!