Thursday, April 13, 2006

Old Animal Prints

These are the prints I did last year. Both prints were inspired by my mother. I've been living here in the States for about 5 to almost 6 years now. I do get home sick a lot . And since I am very close to my mother, I miss her the most among everything else. The Rhino print named "Mother" is a suicide print. Which mean you carve up all the linoluem until there's nothing left to the plate in order to create the different colors. Its and edition of 8.

The piggy "Oink" is a 2 plates print. I lay on the pink first with plate 1 then the brown after with plate 2. An edition of 6

1 comment:

Sean Sullivan said...

I love my rhinos! I have them sitting right where any guests who come into our home can see them!